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August 1, 2018

Surviving Potty Training

Surviving Potty Training | From our bathroom to yours

If you wait long enough they may just train themselves!

I’ve been meaning to share this post since March, but then life happened. o I’m happy to share – better late than never. I hope this helps you – or someone you know who has a kid who is or will be potty training!

It was Sunday night and Hudson excitedly exclaimed he needed to go poop! He usually shares when he has to go but this time he wanted to use his potty! So we all ran down the hall to his bathroom and he used the potty! A dance party followed as we were all SO excited!

Hudson turned 2 in November and we really don’t try to force anything before it’s time. I’ve heard so many things about boys taking a bit longer than girls to potty train. We aren’t a baby talk family (no judgment if you are) we’ve always communicated with Hudson about the bathroom, and what you use it for. We bought him his own potty to get him used to the seat. Since he started potty training we give him a chocolate chip when he uses it correctly and we have a step stool in his bathroom to make washing his hands a bit easier.

This is the potty we got for Hudson. We love it because it has a handle to “flush” creating good habits  The base is also removable for EASY cleaning! Nothing is more humbling than cleaning up after your child uses their potty. We also like how its easy to transport if needed! If he does have an accident we LOVE our “wet bags” to store soiled clothes. Then we toss them in the wash when we get home. No mess = one happy Mama!

A few tips from us to you:

Pull one leg out of their pants so their legs are not constricted and to avoid them going on their pants and shoes. We tried sitting Hudson backwards so he would get the hang of actually going IN the potty and after he got the hang of it we turned him back around. BE PATIENT! It takes time, and patience on everyone. There will be messes and there will be accidents, such is life. Go with it and praise the wins! Keep wipes and paper towels handy!

It has been about two weeks and he is in his adorable undies (that he got to pick out himself!) with little to no accidents. We use pull ups at bedtime. Eventually when he wakes up in the morning and his pull ups are dry we will stop using those. But, for the transitional period we will keep those on for accidents in bed!

These are our favorite tools for surviving potty training:

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What was your best friend during potty training days if you have been through it? I also love a humorous story if you want to share a good one for everyone reading below. Happy FriYAY!

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