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January 18, 2019

Organization In The New Year

  1. Cell phone and watch charging station
  2. Marble Tray
  3. Nylon Braided Cell Phone Charger Cord
  4. Insulated Plastic Sip Tumbler
  5. Foliage Pen + Pencil Case
  6. Ban.do Notebook
  7. Riffle Paper Notepad
  8. Glass + Gold Desk Organizer
  9. Leather Tech Envelope Organizer
  10. Gold Metal & Clear Acrylic Rolling Cart
  11. Bamboo Calculator
  12. Riffle Paper Weekly Notepad – Mouse Pad
  13. Monthly Dry Erase Calendar
  14. Small Acrylic Desktop Organizer
  15. File Document Folder Pouches
  16. Mouse Pad

It’s that wonderful time of the year where everything feels like a fresh start. While I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions (I can’t stick with them to save my life!), I can definitely get down with purging, cleaning, and organizing all the things. There’s just something about cleaning up and storing all of the holiday decor that gets me in the mood to do that with our entire home. Since I’m officially back to work (after a wonderful extended break over the holidays), that cleaning and organizing mindset has made its way into my office, too! Have you watched Mari Kondo’s new show on Netflix? HELLO PURGE MODE!

My professional aim this year is to make monthly goals and stick with them. I want to be better at responding to emails in a timely manner. I want to have a designated place, either with paper and pen or virtually, where I keep all of my ideas, notes, and inspiration. I want to be better at setting and keeping an editorial calendar and a “schedule of events” for Danielle Wraith Photography. All of these things are tasks and things that I do now, I just know that I can improve them and make them even more efficient and helpful!

I’m a firm believer in a cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. I have a hard time concentrating on other things when whatever space I’m in is messy and disorganized – all I want to do is put things back in order before anything else! I love having things that are equal parts function and style, like pretty acrylic desktop organizers and marble trays. I’m a pen and paper girl, so decorative notepads and blank calendars are my go-to for making lists, setting deadlines and staying on track. I’m really tempted by that desktop “goal timer”, too! I can get carried away and distracted from my list pretty easily when I’m in my office, so having a visual reminder of how much time I’m allowing myself to work on something could be helpful.

I’m looking forward to simplifying my office space and creating the best environment possible to achieve my goals this year!

Cell phone and watch charging station, Marble Tray, Nylon Braided Cell Phone Charger Cord, Insulated Plastic Sip Tumbler, Foliage Pen + Pencil Case, Ban.do Notebook, Riffle Paper Notepad, Glass + Gold Desk Organizer, Leather Tech Envelope Organizer, Gold Metal & Clear Acrylic Rolling Cart, Bamboo Calculator , Riffle Paper Weekly Notepad – Mouse Pad, Monthly Dry Erase Calendar , Small Acrylic Desktop Organizer , File Document Folder Pouches, Mouse Pad.

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