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Madewell Spring picks

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February 26, 2019

My Favorite planner and how I stay Organized

I’ve always been a pen and paper kind of organizer. I have little notes jotted down on millions or napkins and I basically should buy stock in post its because of the insane amount of money I’ve blown buying those little colorful squares that keep all my thoughts, lists and dates in order.

Since becoming an entrepenuer I’ve found myself less organized that ever, while also keeping up with my family, personal goals and all the social life we can fit into our free time.

I was desperate for a change and I knew for me, I needed to set myself up to win and that involved creating and implementing organization habits.

Enter in this beautiful planner by Ashley Shelly. I’ve taken a look at a few different planners ranging in pricing and how advanced they are. When this beautiful hard back, spiral bound beauty arrived on my door I knew it was the perfect one for me.

It’s beautiful, and has a little cover pocket that I plan to keep receipts and paperwork in. The monthly page set up is wonderful. The boxes are actually large enough to fit words in and the note section is perfect for things to remember! I can even take a screen shot of this if I need to send over a schedule to my husband. He is not the planner in our family and relies on my to keep up with the dates which I don’t mind!

A few ways I have used this planner:

1.) Time Allotment – Have you ever sat down and thought “where did the day go” or “What did I spend my time on this week” Yeah, me too! So with tracking my time, especially with client work that is charged hourly I love writing it out in my planner. I love that I love that I can keep accountable with my time and client work!

2.) “Due Today” – There is a box for your item that is due day! We all can get trapped in the do #allthethings By prioritizing our top goals this keeps our eyes on the prize!

3.) Brain Dump – I used to keep a note in my phone with things, ideas etc. That would pop into my brain. Or on a bad day, I would have crazy brain and jump from idea to idea in the moment. NOT helpful when running a business! SO the notes pages for each month help with all those random thoughts!

4.) Each month has a “create the life you love” page. I LOVE THIS! It gives me a way to set my goals for the month and visualize them too! My favorite prompt is “what are you grateful for right now?” and my “word/mantra” for the month!

I also use this to write out upcoming blogs, social media posts and anything else I need to keep my eye out for so when the day comes I know whats going on in my day! I absolutely love my planner and am so glad I found this one!

I have a gift for you! Use code DANIELLE5 for $5.00 OFF a Signature Ashley Shelly Planner at ashleyshelly.com. Code expires 3-13-19. Happy Planning, Friends!

This post was sponsored by Ashley Shelly Planner. All thoughts and opinions are my own

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