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March 7, 2019

How I Like to Use My Apple Watch

I was pretty firmly in the, “I’ll never get an Apple Watch” camp for the first two series’ of the watch. I didn’t see much of a use for it in my life and didn’t think it was something I would like to wear. Sure enough, my opinion changed on it and it’s something that I rarely leave the house without! It’s certainly not a necessity and I don’t believe it’s the right kind of thing for everyone, but I love it! They have since come out with newer versions of the watch – I have an older version which does not have the cellular option. Non-cellular versions have to be within a certain range of your phone in order for the bluetooth to connect and certain elements of the watch to function. With cellular, you pay a small fee on your monthly phone bill (I’ve heard you pay around $10-12 a month) in order to use the cellular functions on the watch without needing to be looped into your phone. If you want more specifics, I recommend doing your own research on the different versions out there!

What I have: Apple Watch, 38mm with Blush Sport Band

(Here’s a refurbished option!)


While I usually am within arms reach of my phone, I love that I will get notified of an incoming call or text right on my wrist. If my phone is halfway across the room and I’m in the middle of something, I can just glance down at my wrist, see who it is or what the message is, and go from there. It’s super convenient and means that I don’t miss something coming through. There have been plenty of times that I’ve had my watch on, my phone is in another room, and I have an incoming call that I know I’ll miss if I go searching for my phone. I can just answer on my watch and stay put!

I also have a few apps looped into my watch to give me notifications, which is helpful! We have a Ring doorbell, so I set up to get notified on my watch (and my phone) when there’s motion outside our front door or somebody rings the doorbell. Just like with incoming calls, I like being able to know what’s going on, even if my phone isn’t within arms reach.

I’ll also get some calendar alerts that I have set up, so it works as an extra reminder of a deadline or appointment that I’ve made.


Before this, I’d never used any sort of fitness tracker, nor had much of an interest in it. Now, I rarely workout without it on. I like being able to see my calories, heart rate and keep a running log of the physical activity that I’m getting every day.


While I don’t get a super detailed weather report with the watch, I appreciate that I can do a quick glance and know what kind of jacket to grab or if I need to change my shoes.


I listen to podcasts all day long while I’m working in my office, so I’ve got my watch set up to mirror my phone when I’m playing something. The basic information will show on my watch screen – show, episode, pause, volume, fast forward, and rewind. I use this feature all the time to pause, skip over ads, or skip back 15 seconds if I missed something. If someone comes into my office to chat or the doorbell rings or something, I can just quickly pause the episode right at my wrist without having to figure out which surface I left my phone on last!


This is obvious, no? I used to wear a regular watch all the time and then got out of the habit of it. I missed being able to see the time at any moment, so I’m happy to be back into watch-wearing.

Let me say again, just for good measure, it’s definitely a luxury and not a necessity. I can do all of these things using other devices, but I love that some things are simplified with my watch.

Fellow Apple Watch wearers, what am I missing?! Is there an app or feature that you use and love? I haven’t done too much looking into it because the features I shared here are basically the reason that I bought it in the first place, but if there’s something I’m missing out on, I must know!

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